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Laser+ Container PET Resin
Laser+ C Custom Container PET Resin

In January 2020, Alpek Polyester UK Ltd. was created with the newly acquired PET Resin assets in Wilton International near Middlesbrough, UK (formerly Lotte Chemical UK). The new business in the UK strengthens the Alpek Polyester brand and expands the global reach of the Alpek Polyester businesses into the UK and the EU. As market leaders in PET Resin, rPET and PTA, Alpek Polyester is excited to expand its ability to serve the UK and the EU while bringing world class experience, products, capacities and capabilities to the region.

Alpek Polyester builds on the rich heritage of the site with previous ownership of ICI, DuPont, and Lotte Chemical. Building on the past, planning for the future and delivering the products and solutions for today, Alpek Polyester is focused on meeting the needs of the PET market as it continues to evolve and diversify.

Brand owner or converter, we’ll apply our long-standing experience to your product quality requirements to help you create the packaging and polyester textile solutions of tomorrow. Solutions capable of differentiating your products from the competitors and reducing your environmental impact in the process.