Alpek Polyester UK HQ

Applying our know-how to help evolve your products

From soft drinks bottles to fashion, trigger sprays to cosmetic and pharmaceutical packaging, our PET resin is used in wide range of polyester products throughout Europe and beyond.

Based at our 64-acre manufacturing facility at Wilton in Teesside, some 350km from London, we produce in excess of 350,000 tonnes of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) resin chips every year. Capacity we’re able to meet thanks to the dedication of our strong workforce of skilled engineers, scientists, technicians and support staff.

Our collective aim? To seek new ways to meet customers’ ever-evolving demands for PET– be that crystal clear transparency for optimum product visibility, modular mould capabilities to enable brand differentiation at low cost, or lightweight and low material usage for a reduced carbon footprint.

It’s why we’re regularly enhancing our products. It’s why we’re continually investing in our people and our processes. But most tellingly of all, it’s why we remain one of the preferred partners for converters and brand owners throughout Europe.