Company Overview

Alpek Polyester UK

Serving the present and preparing for the future

Alpek Polyester is proud to be the new owner of the LC1 and M5 PET plants at Wilton International site on Teesside. Alpek Polyester UK is a subsidiary of Alpek S.A.B. de C.V., the petrochemicals business of Alfa S.A.B. de C.V., one of Mexico’s largest corporations and a global producer in 29 countries with annual sales in excess of $19 billion.

Alpek Polyester is a global leader in the polyester value chain from PTA to PET and Polyester Fibres including both staple fibre and filament. Its roots link to the very first commercial polyester products and its focus fixed firmly on the future of all aspects of the polyester marketplace. A company that understands the challenges you face and has a proven track record of working collaboratively to overcome those challenges and maximise opportunities as they arise.

At a glance

2020 – Present
Alpek Polyester acquires the assets of Lotte Chemical UK.

2010 – present day
KP Chemical Corporation acquires the assets of Artenius UK Ltd. and establishes subsidiary Lotte Chemical UK.

2006 – 2010
La Seda de Barcelona group acquires the business from Advansa in October 2006 to form part of its Artenius Group of PET companies, renaming the company as Artenius UK Limited.

1998 – 2006
Following a split from ICI in 1998, the business operates under the ownership of DuPont until 2000, then joint ownership of DuPont and Sabanci till 2004 and finally wholly owned by Sabanci operating as AdvanSA from late 2004.

1980 – 1998
The business begins life as part of the ICI Wilton site on Teesside.