Health, Safety & Environment

Alpek Polyester UK

Improving processes, reducing hazards.

Being the PET supplier of choice isn’t just about manufacturing quality products, it’s about doing so in the most responsible way possible – for our team, our local communities and the environment at large.

Our team
The health and safety of our team is our priority – and it shows. From our employee induction procedure and weekly communication bulletins to the regular process hazard studies that take place around the plant, we’re constantly seeking new ways to ensure a safe workplace. In those rare instances where an incident does occur, we’ll investigate fully the cause of the incident and put in place measures to avoid a reoccurrence.

Our local communities
In partnership with other manufacturing companies in the area we meet regularly with local residents to discuss any potential nuisances such as noise, smell or traffic levels. We also contribute annually to a community calendar thats distributed free to over 20,000 local residents, outlining the actions they should take in the unlikely event of a major emergency at any of the sites.

The environment
Sustainable development is a key consideration for all manufacturers and at Alpek Polyester UK we’re making significant inroads. For example, by managing our effluent through anaerobic and aerobic digestion, by minimising the hazardous waste we put into the atmosphere and recovering energy to reduce natural gas consumption.