Our Commitment

Alpek Polyester UK HQ

When it comes to health, safety and the environment, our target is clear – zero incidence of injury, occupational illnesses, major incidents or pollution.

As a company, we take this goal into consideration in everything we do. As individuals we each do our bit by adhering to 10 guiding principles.

We believe:

  • With due diligence and care, all injuries and occupational injuries can be avoided
  • Every individual is directly responsible for preventing injury and illness
  • Each employee must assume responsibility for working safely
  • Safety training is integral to a safe workplace
  • Safety audits are key in preventing future injury and illness
  • Any safety deficiencies must be identified quickly and corrective action taken
  • Investigation of potentially unsafe practices is essential
  • Safe practices away from work are equally important
  • Preventing injury and illness makes good business sense

The success of our health and safety programme relies on our team – all our team