Organisational Development

Alpek Polyester UK

We believe that learning should be a journey not a destination, which is why training and development is ongoing from the day an employee first joins us until the day that they leave.

Experienced engineer or bright young apprentice, skilled support staff or graduate trainee – every employee has their own personal development plan, with targeted training, built-in reviews and reward scheme. Coaching and mentoring meanwhile, ensure that we’re continually transferring skills and expertise from one generation to the next, nurturing new talent and creating real career pathways along which employees can progress.

Testament to our long-standing support of apprenticeship schemes, we were named North East Medium Employer of the Year 2011. Not only that but we were also named amongst the Top 100 Apprenticeship Employers of 2011.

Graduates are supported by a development programme that’s tailored to their specific needs – including, in the case of non-chartered mechanical and chemical engineers, helping them to achieve chartered status.

Proving that we’re as committed to the quality of our training as we are the quantity, our in-house technical and development programmes are accredited to Cogent Globe Standard, while our in-house graduate programmes are designed to meet ICHEME and IMECHE accreditation.

Health & welfare
It’s not just the ability of our team that we invest in but their health and welfare too, offering a competitive benefits package that includes pension, life cover and health insurance both for employees and their families.


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