Alpek Polyester UK

The benefits are crystal clear.

PET is now one of the single fastest growing resins, replacing more traditional materials as the packaging application of choice – and it’s not difficult to see why.

With a unique combination of high gloss, crystal clear transparency and durability, PET is ideal for presenting products to their best advantage. Its modular mould capabilities meanwhile, enable novel package design and enhanced brand differentiation at low cost.

For every bit PET is aesthetically appealing, it’s practical too. Robust, light in weight and strong, it offers convertors, brand owners and retailers cost-saving opportunities via transport, wastage and carbon footprint reductions. It’s purchase ultram dosage also highly durable, making it safer both for handlers and the end consumer.

Add to this the recyclability of PET in an era where sustainability is becoming more pressing an issue than ever before, and it’s little wonder that its usage continues to grow – not just with the traditional applications of food and drink, but in areas previously the domain of peer resins and other packaging materials such as glass and aluminium.

For more information on PET bottles please review the leaflet from the Natural Hydration Council which details their qualities and debunks the myths.

Please click here to view the NHC leaflet